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Should I love it or list it – Revisited

Should I love it or list it – Revisited

Several months later…

You may recall my previous blog which delved in to whether to love or list my home, and the battle I was having with Mr. A for us to make a decision either way. Anything to move on from the repetitive debate!

Any guesses to what happened next?

It was a close call so we decided to view some houses. It felt like the best way to work out what we could get for our money, and whether the effort of moving would be worth it.

You know what’s coming next!

Well as it turns out house view #2 was the one, and yep you guessed it we listed it!

Our home sold on its first viewing and so the process of moving began. Despite firmly being on Team List It, a really bizarre thing then happened. I began to doubt it was the right decision and the sleepless nights started. I was wondering if we were doing the right thing? Was it the right time given interest rates were rising? Did we really want the commitment of a bigger mortgage? And how much would my buyers hate me if I pulled out? I should probably point out that our buyers are also friends of ours! Luckily at this point Mr. A was more than on board with the move and provided all the answers and reassurance needed. Total role reversal!

I think in my head I never believed that the move would actually happen. I didn't plan anything and I definitely didn't pack. It had all been too easy so I was sure that meant it would fall apart. That is until Danielle, our solicitor rang to say everything was ready and we would be completing in the next couple of weeks.


Mayhem ahead

As you can imagine this is when the chaos and panic began. And of course, the reality set in. At this point I didn't have time to be stressed or excited, I just needed to get on with the practical stuff. The first of which was booking a removal company and ordering some boxes.

Clearly this wasn't my first rodeo. I have moved house before, but I honestly hadn't realised how long packing would take. This was un-helped by the fact that Mr. A is a hoarder. I'd ask ‘what's this wire for?’ and get ‘um, I’m not sure but I might need it’. Or ‘when was the last time you wore this?’ to which he'd respond something like ‘1998, but I might wear it again’. Give me strength!

Anyway to cut a long story short, we got packed and we got moved. Our buyers removal men even helped ours because there was so much to move on the day!


Worry for nothing

My only real worry in the two week run up to moving had been the cat. How would she cope with removal day? And would she cope with the upheaval of moving home? You are supposed to keep cats indoors for around 3 weeks after a move, and I knew she wouldn't be overjoyed with not being allowed out, so I spent a small fortune on these plug in devices that apparently reduce stress.

I should maybe also mention that our new home is on the same street as our old home, so it felt entirely possible that Jinx would make her way back there. Clearly I worried for nothing, because the little blighter made herself right at home. So much so that I let her go out on day 3, when she had a little explore and then returned to the correct house! Amusingly, she’s done better than both me and Mr. A, who have both pulled in to the wrong drive on more than one occasion!

It would seem that the plug in worked and I’m pretty sure the company would make a fortune if they come up with a human version!


The aftermath

So was moving worth all the turmoil? Yes, for sure it was!

It was the right decision and we love the new house. Perhaps because we didn’t move far it feels like home already. We’ve settled in, and the last 2 months have flown by. But that’s it, I am firmly never moving again, and will have to be carried out when the time finally comes.

Though we love our new home, what we have realised is that we viewed it with rose tinted glasses. For example, I knew I didn’t like the kitchen but thought I’d be able to live with it. As Jo predicted, I really can’t. We also didn’t spot the dodgy electrics that had to be reported to the electricity board on day 2, or the dodgy plumbing that led to water pouring through the kitchen ceiling in week 4. When you’ve been in a house a long time you know the state of it and how everything works so it’s a little disconcerting when things go wrong so soon!


Reality sets in

Moving and expecting to have ‘nothing to do/spend’ was perhaps a ‘little’ unrealistic and the reality is we are probably going to spend as much as we would have if we’d chosen to continue loving our previous home.

Financially it probably wasn’t the smartest decision but there’s no regrets. We love it and its our forever home.

Funnily enough since writing my original blog, I’ve seen a few new clients in the same position, so its led to some really lively conversations about what the right thing to do is. Ultimately you have to seriously consider the financial implications but in my experience an emotional decision was definitely made.

Nothing like keeping life interesting!

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