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Cash Flow Modelling

Understanding what your goals are and how to achieve them are at the centre of cash flow modelling. We can create you a master plan that is simple yet effective.

Life and goal planning

Every single one of us is unique. We all have different situations, along with goals, ambitions and plans that are specific to us.

When thinking about their own circumstances, clients often ask "what if”, which can be a challenging question to answer especially when it comes to finances. Cash flow modelling helps us to answer your questions and allows us to show you how the future may play out at least on a financial level.

Cash flow modelling is essentially a very clever piece of software which uses a variety of assumptions and calculations to determine answers to your questions by looking at different scenarios. Whatever your situation, this is a handy tool to have. It allows you to make informed financial decisions and provides an opportunity to understand the consequences of those decisions.

An example of this is when clients reach retirement, they often enter a new phase in life where they begin to focus on spending their wealth instead of saving it. Some typical considerations include:

  • How is it best to access my pensions?
  • How much can I afford to spend per year?
  • How can I minimise taxation?
  • How can I pass on my wealth?
  • Will I run out of money?
  • What if I need to pay for care?

This can be a stressful time, which is why we use cash flow modelling to stress test different scenarios before we make any recommendation. Whatever the situation, we find that our clients love it. It can be a real eye opener and an aide to decision making.

Creating you a master plan then reviewing it regularly is a fundamental part of what we do. Let’s plan your future together.

Review for Caroline

My husband and I reached a stage in life where we just wanted the advice and guidance of someone with professional experience. Caroline was incredibly clear and concise in her advice, she was very personable and had a genuine interest in helping us find solutions for issues we wanted to address. By plotting our cashflow and discussing the various permutations she has allowed us to have absolute confidence in our decision making. A brilliant service for those with big decisions ahead and with pension concerns.

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