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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Good intentions

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, many of us will have aspirations, goals or resolutions for the year ahead.

In my experience, I start with great intentions but tend to fail by week two! I can’t even use the excuse that I am not dedicated because in so many aspects of my life I push myself hard and often to breaking point. I categorically never give up, yet setting myself a new year’s resolution is almost guaranteed to be a gigantic flop.

Last year at YFP HQ we reflected on the successes of 2021 and came up with a new plan for 2022. They weren’t resolutions as such but more goals that we wanted to achieve. Working together to meet our business goals kept them alive and well and the focus remained throughout the year. What I’m proud of isn’t achieving the goal itself, but how we went about.

Some resolutions become impossible to achieve

Personally, I also set myself some goals. Things to get off my bucket list, which at the time felt entirely do-able. Disappointingly, as do-able as completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks should be as a lover of the great outdoors; it just wasn’t to be. Whilst I climbed Whernside as a warm up early in the year I didn’t complete the challenge. Yep, I totally failed on this one.

Being the type of person who is quite tough on herself (mild understatement there!), in my eyes this automatically means that I failed in 2022. I could have done 1000 other great things, but what I focus on is that I didn’t complete the one goal I set.

Perhaps I need to learn that failure isn’t final and that actually it’s just another life lesson. The reality is that I didn’t fail by choice but because of a leg injury that has hampered me for most of the year. After countless physio sessions, my injury is on the mend and the Three Peaks is booked in for 2023. As my Personal Trainer says, I’ve merely postponed the challenge!

Ironically in spite of my injury, the endless physio and focus on strengthening and stretching my leg muscles means that my legs are stronger than they have ever been. I’ve worked muscle’s I didn’t know I had and have added a whole load of new exercises to my repertoire. Who knew that squatting on the Bosu ball could be such fun! (this might be a slight exaggeration!)  And despite it being tough to reconcile given I’m little ‘Miss Self Critical’, the injury has given me a lesson in patience, resilience and agility as I’ve been determined to keep active but in a way that doesn’t jeopardize my recovery.

New year, new you?

My new year’s goals are often health or activity related, for me it’s about pushing myself to be healthier, stronger and fitter. For most of us a new year symbolizes a fresh start, a time when we typically think about our lives and how we want to improve them. This could be health related, hobby related or for some it will be finance related. There are benefits to all of these but often they can be tough to complete on your own. Afterall we all need support and encouragement along the way.

So how do you plan to succeed? How will you stay on track? And what will it feel like to achieve your goal in 2023?

A quick scout of my Facebook feed shows the amazing success of those joining weight-loss groups or boot camping their way to stronger healthier lifestyles. But of course nobody talks about their finances on social media! As Brits we are far too polite to talk about such a taboo subject; and yet at the present time it’s a subject firmly on the mind given the constant press attention to the economic challenges we face.

I am fully of the belief that the weight-loss groups and boot camps are often a success because of the accountability and support they provide. In previous blogs we have both been very vocal about the benefits of financial health checks, working with a Financial Adviser and explaining what a Financial Adviser does so I won’t repeat myself but it is true to say that a problem shared is a problem halved.

In the same way I needed someone to point out I haven’t failed but just had a temporary setback when it comes to my pesky leg injury, having a Financial Adviser is like having a sounding board. You don’t create a grand plan for success and fix your life overnight. A great financial plan is not always easy and often takes compromises and commitment. Regular check-ins and accountability will likely mean that the new you for 2023 and beyond is more focused, determined and on track to success.

Don’t take my word for it

This case study is just one example of where a client has asked for help (or in this example been gently pushed by her parents) and reaped the rewards despite what appeared to be an impossible task to her at the outset.

“I have known Jo for over 15 years. I was first properly introduced to her by my parents when they had just about lost their will to live with my inability to save any money. At this point I was 23, living in Manchester and had managed to spend a large amount of the very generous inheritance my Grandfather had left me at 21.

I remember the first time we ‘sat down for a chat’. My parent’s had sprung the meeting on me at the last minute whilst I was visiting home during reading week. I instantly warmed to Jo (despite every fibre of myself wanting to hate her- I was the rebellious older child) and found her savvy, no-nonsense approach to financial planning a breath of fresh air. She gave me the space to feel brave enough to open up and be truthful about my financial situation, without the guilt or shame that came with telling my parents. She helped me figure a way out of the large over draft debt that I’d managed to get myself into whilst being a student and swiftly formulated a plan to sort my finances out.

Fast forward 5 years and I am now in a position to purchase my own house and all that goes with it, so of course I turn to Jo. Please realise by this time we’ve had quarterly check ins on progress and when I confess that I’ve not been so good, she points out I’m just hurting myself. Jo has given me the tools that I needed to learn financial independence and I couldn’t love her more for that. In truth over the years she has become a surrogate big sister, supporting me not only in financial matters but in every aspect of life. I know that no matter what I can call her, and she will have time of me. Now this may make you think I am just a favourite, yes of course, but you should know that Jo gives more than 100% for every person that she works with. It’s why I’ve given her details to my friends who are now young professionals who want to have financial security and responsibility. I send them to Jo for advice and without fail everyone always says the same, you were so right about Jo. To which I say I know, that’s why I call her my Fairy Bank Mother. If you are looking for a Financial Adviser who will always steer you straight, who will make you look at EVERY possible option and support you to achieve your goals. If you want someone who will go above and beyond for you, then stop looking, you’ve found her.”

Miss B – Sheffield

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